Hot August Nights 2016 - Marcello Rostagni Photography

Hello, 2019 Best of the West Classic competitors! Your photos have been uploaded to the albums below. The photos are of all paying stage photo competitors. You will need to look in the album for your name and competitor number, which holds your entire photo gallery from your specific individual and comparison photos from the show. I highly recommend you view these galleries from a computer and use the Chrome browser for the best experience. You may be able to view from your phone but you will not be able to download the images to your phone or tablet. In order to properly download your photos you must use a desktop or laptop computer. Once you enter the password and login to your folder all you have to do is simply click on the download button on the bottom right of the page/edge of the photo for the image you want to download !!!!!!!DO NOT RIGHT CLICK OR SCREEN SHOT THE IMAGE TO SAVE!!!!!! as it will not give you the full resolution file but a small low-quality file. If you want to quickly and easily download the entire gallery simply click the download arrow button at the top of your gallery page and all the photos will begin downloading to your computer. If you are interested in ordering professional prints of your photos you can click on the buy button and add the photos you want to your cart for easy ordering of much higher and professional quality prints then your local Walmart or Costco. Make sure you properly crop your photo in the print menu prior to printing if required. If you need help please email please do not alter the images. If you share the images online or for personal public use please give appropriate photo credit. These images are for personal use only, no commercial use of the images is permitted without the permission of the photographer and additional compensation set by the photographer. All images ©Marcello Rostagni 2019 Thank you and I look forward to working with you again!


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